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About Romain ROGER

Born in Champagne Region (France) in 1982. At young age, he was inspired by animated films providing him the early passion for drawing. That led him to go into graphics art studies as well as product design studies.

His professional career started in 1999 as an graphic designer, illustrator and sketch artist. Very quickly, he become a product designer who brings the utility to his creation and melts his personality in each of his works. He constantly improves his unique style and technical skills. He is a soul creator.

Romain entered the world of painting in 2004 when he realised that it was the perfect way to transcribe graphic illustration into canvas. Piece by piece in a parallel universe, he builds the biography of a character who lives and inhabits that world. The character’s unbridled sense of humour is inspired by things Romain encounters in daily life. That was the birth of “George”, a mysterious character who carries the image of mankind.

He currently divides his time between painting and offer his experience as a design consultant for various companies in the world and in every aspect of design (graphic design, packaging, product design, illustration…)